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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas to all! A reminder: Use /gift to give the christmas spirt to your closest friends!
Woot Santa was on the server today!
I am!
Everyone better be having fun!
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Be Generous. Give.
Our gifts plugin allows each player to give 3 gifts. Use /gifts for more information. If you're feeling extra generous, you can purchase 3 extra gifts for $1.00 at the Shop, under Miscellaneous. Happy Holidays, all!

Let the light shine!
Defeat the winter darkness with this month's Magic Spell - Lightwalk! For the cost of a few torches, you can mine in the dark caves... with light appearing at your feet to help you find those diamonds! Use /cast lightwalk for more information.

Dodge that Snowball!
Ouch! Hey! Oh. Cool. A server-wide snowball fight is underway! Use /snowball or /snowscore to participate. Our arena can be found at /snowball with a shop sign to buy cheap snowballs. Each "hit" adds 1 to your /snowscore count. We'll choose the top 5 /snowscore players and reward them before the end of the month!

Want to win $20,000 shards, a $5 coupon or a 
Goodie Box!?!?

Once a week we will choose a winner for one of these prizes!! Not only that the winner will also get five pirate crystals no matter what prize you choose! On Sunday we will grant 3 winners. One winner per site. To enter you need to show the Five Kingdoms community your opinion on the server on these websites! Once a week we will at random choose a player and give them one of these! You may post many times but, there has to be one hour between each post. Do not post the same thing over and over.
What we DON'T want to see:
"Bumping threads"
"Just a friendly bump"
"Cool server"
"great server"
"Classic being classic"
Anything under 5 words = bad
If we see any of these posts or anything similar, we will not ever choose you and you won’t get any prizes at all.
Please post what you really think about the server, or even what you are working on at your bases or what you plan on doing. Remember you cannot win if you do not try!

Who Are We?

Good question! We are a group of individuals who have been hosting Minecraft Servers  for quite a while now. We have an experienced staff who have all had a hand in running our previous very successful server group called Five Kingdoms. We've decided to press on to more updated bases, and thus, the Five Kindoms Minecraft Server Group is born!

If you are looking for a quality place to play with mature and fun individuals, our Minecraft server group will be your last stop!

What Is Our Theme?

Mainly, our theme is that we are reliable, professional, friendly and run a
 stable lag-free server.


After finding some land, you go out and make a name for yourself. . If you are successful enough, you can become the leader of the economy and work hand in hand with the administration to improve and add to the kingdom. Through diplomacy, donations of materials, and event domination, your can even grow the kingdom and add useful functions to it!  

Keep an eye out for trouble makers, and try to keep your hands clean as well! We are a no-pvp, no-griefing server and punishments will vary depending on severity. . While griefing is, as previously stated, against the rules; lying to other players about prices and economically taking advantage of them is not. This line will always be drawn by the staff and it is not okay to straight scam other players out of items or money. 

We continually run custom trivia, mini-games, competitions and give random reward items to our players, as we couldn't do this without them!

Finally, your suggestions on our forums are our driving force as we move forward!

Why Choose Our Servers?

Why not? If you are bored with a server with no theme, or one that is not well managed or run, why not stop by? We can promise you that you will enjoy the community as much as you enjoy the game. We are always open to making new friends, whether their play-style borders on solo or group. We will always be expanding. The staff is well-trained and mature.  Several of our players have been with us for years - that is worth something right there.

Also, our server profile isn't too shabby. We run dedicated, epic hardware. You will find us one of the only lag free server group around!
Donate for Ranks/Shards/Spells
Gain access to the higher ranks, shards, and donation perks through your generous support! Your assistance helps to keep us going strong.
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