Online 5K - Tekkit Lite
20 / 300
Online 5K - Vanilla PvP
9 / 1324
The operators are fabulous, yes I agree, and so are the rest of the staff. You all do a great job in keeping this server running smoothly and make it the best server around. Congrats from me.
Hay Queen and other people! Anyone remember me?
Vote Number 3 is down
I'll be resetting CTB tomorrow, and set it to auto after that.
Actually, I just stepped back in today. My main focus is TL now.
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That is right Legendary Package has reset so others can enjoy the benefits of this. So with each purchase you will get to pick an item that is equivalent to the price you paid for this item.  If it has been purchased then you will be added to the list of items and these are permanent.

For example:

If Light_Druid3 purchases the $1.00 package he picks 20 Diamonds.
Then BakedEnderPotato purchases the $2.00 package and gets 20 diamonds and his pick of a MV solar.
Then Alnick20 purchases the $4.00 package and gets the 20 diamonds, MV Solar and his choice of 2 of all the spawner eggs even aggressive.

This will continue until we reach $32 and reset it again.

Good luck and enjoy the perks that players pick on their own.

Things that can not be picked:

Banned items
Mystcraft ages

I hope you enjoy this package lets see who gets the awesome Legendary Tag next to their name in game.


Who Are We?

Good question! We are a group of individuals who have been hosting Minecraft Servers  for quite a while now. We have an experienced staff who have all had a hand in running our previous very successful server group called Five Kingdoms. We've decided to press on to more updated bases, and thus, the Five Kindoms Minecraft Server Group is born!

If you are looking for a quality place to play with mature and fun individuals, our Minecraft server group will be your last stop!

What Is Our Theme?


Our theme is relatively simple. Right from the beginning, you will choose your kingdom. The Five Kingdoms available to choose from, each with different perks and themes, are Pyro, Aqua, Light, Dark and Druid. You must work your way up from rookie, to citizen, to knight, then noble, and finally royal status in your kingdom. Perks are added with each level.

After choosing where your allegiance lies, you go out and make a name for yourself. Each kingdom also has a ranking system that grants more abilities as you progress in your community. If you are successful enough, you can become the leader of it and work hand in hand with the administration to improve and add to your kingdom. Through diplomacy, donations of materials, and event domination, your can even grow your kingdom and add useful functions to it!  Donating items currently boosts mining speed, fills your hunger bar, gives you Free Money, and vouchers to trade for creative-only items!  (Use /ctb info for more information).

Keep an eye out for trouble makers, and try to keep your hands clean as well! We are a no-pvp, no-griefing server unless you are a Guilded member and punishments will vary depending on severity. . While griefing is, as previously stated, against the rules; lying to other players about prices and economically taking advantage of them is not. This line will always be drawn by the staff and it is not okay to straight scam other players out of items or money. 

We continually run custom trivia, weekly karaoke, mini-games, competitions and give random reward items to our players, as we couldn't do this without them!

Why Choose Our Servers?

Why not? If you are bored with a server with no theme, or one that is not well managed or run, why not stop by? We can promise you that you will enjoy the community as much as you enjoy the game. We are always open to making new friends, whether their play-style borders on solo or group. We will always be expanding.

Also, our server profile isn't too shabby. We run dedicated, epic hardware. You will find us one of the only lag free server group around!


Donate for Ranks/Shards/Spells
Gain access to the higher ranks, shards, and donation perks through your generous support! Your assistance helps to keep us going strong.
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