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Five Kingdoms -- Tekkit Lite
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Status updated 4 mins ago

Hub Server:
Be on Hub for voting, Enjin donation items, and for Mob Arena events.
Kingdoms? Coming soon!
You'll be able to join and rank up in all 5 kingdoms very soon! Save your pennies.
Mineral/Myst Server:
Dig! Mine! Quarry away! The mineral server is our mining world. It resets periodically (see sign after portal).
-Protect your quarry setup with Grief Prevention (/kit shovel) and give your quarry access by typing /trust [buildcraft] while in your claim. Landmarks are allowed and are craftable while on Mineral server.

Access this server with /goto mineral (or /goto MystPortals) and then use the Portal to access the mining world.
GP (GriefPrevention) Server:
The Grief Prevention plugin, also known as Golden Shovel, offers high quality protection and ease of use. Use your golden shovel to make a claim. Then, add friends with commands (see /help trust) and be done! Get more area from /buyclaimblocks or on our Shop.

Access this server with /goto GP

Towny Server:
The Towny server is a great place for multiplayer gameplay. Share resources, join a town, create a town, and eventually build a nation! Use /town list to find a town, or /town ? for more information.

Access this server with /goto Towny

Outpost Server:
Enjoy the classic protection of 5KOutpost on this server. Initial claim size increased to 20x20. Customize entry and exit flags, add Upgrade packages, and expand as desired with this unique plugin. Get help using /outpost help.

Access this server with /goto Outpost

-/serv - see what server you're on now
-/sethome <name> - You now get 5 bungee homes across the 4 servers.
-/homes - see the list of your homes
-/home <name> Go to a specific home
-/helpop - Broadcast a help message to online staff on all servers
-/teleports - (aliases: /tport and /goto ) See and use the list of available warps.
-/trust [buildcraft] - Allow quarry to mine your claim on Mineral.

-/money - show your balance
-/money <name> - see a player balance (good for verifying transfers)
-/money pay <name> <amount> - pay a player an amount
-/msg <full typed name> - message players across server
Depending on your connection, you may have to execute some warping commands twice: once to change server, and once more to continue to the destination. Teleports are one-shot and work nicely.

Who Are We?

Good question! We are a group of individuals who have been hosting Minecraft Servers  for quite a while now. We have an experienced staff who have all had a hand in running our previous very successful server group called Five Kingdoms. Persistence pays, and Five Kindoms Minecraft Server Group is a leader in the modded minecraft world.

If you are looking for a quality place to play with mature and fun individuals, our Minecraft server group will be your last stop!

What Is Our Theme?

Mainly, our theme is that we are reliable, professional, friendly and run a
 stable lag-free server network!


Upon first join, you become a citizen of the Republic. The republic, a fallen kingdom, has some work to do. Rebuilding, reintegrating into the world, and more. Since the great war, new kindgoms have sprouted up around the Republic. Kingdoms accept new entrants and new loyalties easily, but ranking up in any kingdom takes work.  Currently, the kingdoms are:
Republic, Magic, Tech, Steam and Sky.  

Each kingdom exists in triplicate realities, all conneted and based on your desired lifestyle. You may choose to live in the Towny, GriefPrevention, or Outpost worlds, and receive the same map and perks of your current Kingdom, regardless of your choice. You can even make settlements in more than one realm.

Once you have chosen where your allegiances lie, or if you just want to stick around and test the waters of the Republic a while, you can find some land, and go out to make a name for yourself. . If you are successful enough, you can become a leader of the economy and work hand in hand with the administration to improve and add to the Kingdom. Through diplomacy, donations of materials, and event domination, you can even grow your Kingdom and add useful functions to it!  Community builds rock!

Keep an eye out for trouble makers, and try to keep your hands clean as well! We are a no-pvp, no-griefing server and punishments will vary depending on severity. . While griefing is, as previously stated, against the rules; lying to other players about prices and economically taking advantage of them is not. This line will always be drawn by the staff and it is not okay to straight scam other players out of items or money.  In general, be smart and protect yourself.

We continually run custom trivia, mini-games, competitions and give random reward items to our players. You won't find a server that appreciates players as much as we do!

Finally, your suggestions on our forums are our driving force as we move forward and build the community together.  Best of luck to you on your journey!

Why Choose Our Servers?

Why not? If you are bored with a server with no theme, or one that is not well managed or run, why not stop by? We can promise you that you will enjoy the community as much as you enjoy the game. We are always open to making new friends, whether their play-style borders on solo or group. We will always be expanding. The staff is well-trained and mature.  Several of our players have been with us for years - that is worth something right there.

Also, our server profile isn't too shabby. We run dedicated, epic hardware. You will find us one of the only lag free server group around!
Donate for Ranks/Shards/Spells
Gain access to the higher ranks, shards, and donation perks through your generous support! Your assistance helps to keep us going strong.
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