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You certainly killed plenty of people today Janne.
thats sad we miss you on tl ;)
Hey guys, i will be back! But for now, only on the Hexxit server :b
servers is down for maintenance real quick guys
You do not have access to shout
Cleaning up everything!

We're going to be some scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, April 23, 2014
at the following time:

Pacific: 7 am
Central: 9 am
Eastern: 10 am
GMT + 0: 3 pm
GMT+1: 4 pm
China Standard Time: 10 pm

This maintenance will last for 1 hour which means the server won't be online during this time.
We are very sorry for any inconvenience that this might cause your game play but this will be all servers that would be on including Main, VIP, and Mineral.  Please make sure that you are either already offline or ready to be kicked off at that time.
We are constantly trying to come up with cool and new unique ways to encourage your continued support. This is one we've been tossing around for a while and are finally going through with it!


The Idea :

We will start the ball rolling with a $1 donation. The donator will have the package named after him or her and will be able to add 1 thing to it (subject to op approval). They will get the <LEGEND> tag. This is NOT subject to wipe rules, and any items/money/perk/tag will be given back to them after wipes (if it is no longer possible, an equal thing will be agreed upon by staff and player). Their name will be added to the description.

The package will continue to be named after them up until it is purchased again. This time, the price will double. The new purchaser will then be able to choose something to add to the donation package and it will be named after them. Both users now will have the <LEGEND> tag, but the second one will have 2 perks... not just one (the one they chose and the one the previous guy chose.)

The package can continually be bought and will double in price every time it is purchased. Each time, the new purchasers name will replace the old one as the title of the package, while all names will be kept in the package details description. All players will keep the package they bought and also be remembered as a player contributing to a LEGACY.

In other words, the package will continue to grow how YOU want it to grow and you will be remembered forever for your contribution.

Who Are We?

Good question! We are a group of individuals who have been hosting Minecraft Servers  for quite a while now. We have an experienced staff who have all had a hand in running our previous very successful server group called Five Kingdoms. We've decided to press on to more updated bases, and thus, the Five Kindoms Minecraft Server Group is born!

If you are looking for a quality place to play with mature and fun individuals, our Minecraft server group will be your last stop!

What Is Our Theme?


Our theme is relatively simple. Right from the beginning, you will choose your kingdom. At the moment, three are available for you to choose and two have been destroyed. The basic three kingdoms are one of Magic (able to cast spells), Tech (specializing in technological abilities), and Steam (a hybrid of Magic and Tech). Each Kingdom has their perks, so choose carefully!

After choosing where your allegiance lies, you go out and make a name for yourself. Each kingdom also has a ranking system that grants more abilities as you progress in your community. If you are successful enough, you can become the leader of it and work hand in hand with the administration to improve and add to your kingdom. Through diplomacy, donations of materials, and event domination, your can even grow your kingdom and add useful functions to it!

Keep an eye out for trouble makers, and try to keep your hands clean as well! We are a no-pvp, no-griefing server and punishments will vary depending on severity. There are players who have chosen, or been punished by being made, to become outcasts through treacherous behavior. It is up to the given leader of each kingdom whether to accept them back. In the meantime, these players are basically the brigands of our Minecraft Tekkit Lite server. They are on a thin line between being further punished, and being accepted back in to society. While griefing is, as previously stated, against the rules; lying to other players about prices and economically taking advantage of them is not. This line will always be drawn by the staff and as long as the Outcasts do not cross it and stay in communication with the rule makers, being this type of social reject is always a viable play-style; however, it is not okay to straight scam other players out of items or money. 

Finally, the players may be aware of the one destroyed kingdom. It has been run down, pillaged, burned, wiped out... you get the idea. One of the long-term features of this server is the slow reestablishment of this nation. There is no static plan for this, and it is entirely up to players to donate materials and labor to rebuild. More information is available during special events run weekly by staff.

Why Choose Our Servers?

Why not? If you are bored with a server with no theme, or one that is not well managed or run, why not stop by? We can promise you that you will enjoy the community as much as you enjoy the game. We are always open to making new friends, whether their play-style borders on solo or group. We will always be expanding.

Also, our server profile isn't too shabby. You will find us one of the only lag free server group around!


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