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We are having so much fun tonight with the Trick or Treat Plugin! Come on and Join us!
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October & Halloween News!

LuckyD405 OPERATORSite
LuckyD405 @ 5K - Tekkit Lite
I want to open this news by thanking all the players and staff for their continued dedication and support throughout this month! We have had an amazing month, with Trick Or Treating Fun and a tonne of giveaways! The new Operator team is working harder than ever to bring you the best experience possible and we want you to give us ideas! Thats right, if you feel we aren't doing a good job or you want something added, message me on enjin and we will work our hardest to implement it! What something unbanned? Want an event on the server? Let us know! We are willing to implement player ideas, this is a community server! So, with such a busy month, there is a huge amount of the news, so here we go.

Cleaning in Progress

Yep, the operator team and I have our vacuum cleaners and dusters our as we scour the map for griefed and abandoned houses to clean up and regenerate. This is to ensure the map last longer and you guys get to enjoy it for longer! We are the only server which focuses on this, just another thing that makes 5K the best tekkit server around! If you find a griefed and abandoned house around simply: /modreq Clean Here. This will have an operator come over ASAP and clean that area, extending the life just a little more and also preventing griefs!

We Are Hiring! Apply Now!

Currently we are looking for mature players to join our highly dedicated staff team, think this could be you? Check if you fit the requirements. Visit our Staff Application Thread and check if you will fit in! Team Speak is a must!

YouTuber Rank Now Available!

We have now added the YouTuber rank to our store! Thats right, for only $20 you can get:
Your Own Private Team Speak Channel
A YouTuber Rank and Prefix on Teamspeak, In-Game, and on the forum.
You also get your channel advertised In-Game and the forum.

Halloween Coupons!

We currently have 2 different coupons available to celebrate Halloween! 
Spook50 -50% off Entire Cart -Only 5 Available
Spook10 -10% off Entire Cart -Only Available till 1st of November

Halloween Build Competition

The Halloween Build Competition is in its final days. On the 27th of October, it will be closed for submissions and it will be judged by Tanis and Myself. The winners will receive:
1st- $25 Coupon
2nd- $10 Coupon
3rd- $5 Coupon
Come and Enter! There are still a few plot left!

Trick Or Treat

Yep, Trick or Treat is also in its final days, with less than a week until halloween. Collect all 5 Great Pumpkin Pieces and you will receive something very special on Halloween! Keep an eye out, its going to be exciting.

Griefer Crack-Down

Within recent weeks, we have had a plethora of griefers online and the staff team have been overwhelmed with the number of griefs. For this reason we have decided to lower the offenses needed to ban a player. Previously it required 4 offences, we have decided to lower this to 3. This will ensure the necessary actions are taken earlier.

As usual stay tuned on the forum for more events, giveaways and coupons. Please don't hesitate to approach staff about an issues and we hope you continue to enjoy our amazing server!
LuckyD405 and the Operator Team

You've got a few days left to Trick or Treat and collect all 5 pieces of the Great Pumpkin! On Halloween, you'll be able to trade your pieces for a special perk or prize. 

Instructions:  Right click players with a Jack-O-Lantern (for sale at spawn) for a Trick... or a Treat!  

Have fun, all!

We Love Halloween @ 5K!

******** PLOTS STILL AVAILABLE!!! *********
Halloween Building Contest:
October 10th through the 27th. 9pm PST

First Prize is a $25 coupon.
Second Prize is a $10 coupon.
Third Prize is a $5 coupon.

We are looking for a total of 16 contestants to participate in a
Halloween Building Contest.

You will have access to a 30 x 30 x 55 plot in our Halloween Build area. Use the button at spawn to warp. We would like you to build what you think Halloween means to you! There is an entry fee of 5k Shards per plot and there are only 16 plots available.


You must provide all your own materials.
You may not use any machines.
You must work alone.
Staff members are not eligible for this contest.

 3 Winners will be picked by TanisGrey & LuckyD405 and if for any reason a winner can't be decided we will ask another staff member or two to help decide. HURRY before they are all gone... and GOOD LUCK!

Who Are We?

Good question! We are a group of individuals who have been hosting Minecraft Servers  for quite a while now. We have an experienced staff who have all had a hand in running our previous very successful server group called Five Kingdoms. We've decided to press on to more updated bases, and thus, the Five Kindoms Minecraft Server Group is born!

If you are looking for a quality place to play with mature and fun individuals, our Minecraft server group will be your last stop!

What Is Our Theme?


Our theme is relatively simple. Right from the beginning, you will choose your kingdom. The Five Kingdoms available to choose from, each with different perks and themes, are Pyro, Aqua, Light, Dark and Druid. You must work your way up from rookie, to citizen, to knight, then noble, and finally royal status in your kingdom. Perks are added with each level.

After choosing where your allegiance lies, you go out and make a name for yourself. Each kingdom also has a ranking system that grants more abilities as you progress in your community. If you are successful enough, you can become the leader of it and work hand in hand with the administration to improve and add to your kingdom. Through diplomacy, donations of materials, and event domination, your can even grow your kingdom and add useful functions to it!  Donating items currently boosts mining speed, fills your hunger bar, gives you Free Money, and vouchers to trade for creative-only items!  (Use /ctb info for more information).

Keep an eye out for trouble makers, and try to keep your hands clean as well! We are a no-pvp, no-griefing server unless you are a Guilded member and punishments will vary depending on severity. . While griefing is, as previously stated, against the rules; lying to other players about prices and economically taking advantage of them is not. This line will always be drawn by the staff and it is not okay to straight scam other players out of items or money. 

We continually run custom trivia, weekly karaoke, mini-games, competitions and give random reward items to our players, as we couldn't do this without them!

Why Choose Our Servers?

Why not? If you are bored with a server with no theme, or one that is not well managed or run, why not stop by? We can promise you that you will enjoy the community as much as you enjoy the game. We are always open to making new friends, whether their play-style borders on solo or group. We will always be expanding.

Also, our server profile isn't too shabby. We run dedicated, epic hardware. You will find us one of the only lag free server group around!


Donate for Ranks/Shards/Spells
Gain access to the higher ranks, shards, and donation perks through your generous support! Your assistance helps to keep us going strong.
Monthly Goal: $300.00
657.01 / 300.00 (100%)

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